Entry Ticket

This technique (sometimes called Warm-Up, Do Now or Bell Ringer) gets students working as soon as they enter the classroom, increasing instruction time. Students are given Entry Tickets as they arrive at the door, follow the instructions, and complete the task immediately.  Entry Tickets are an effective strategy for monitoring student learning and introducing or reviewing instruction.


Download Templates

Entry Ticket Elementary

Entry Ticket Elementary - Google DocEntry Ticket - Editable Google Form

Entry Ticket Secondary

Entry Ticket Secondary - Google DocFor a more structured approach to an Entry Ticket, have a question or problem written down to hand to students so they begin working right away.

Entry Ticket Weekly Elementary

Entry Ticket Weekly Elementary - Google Doc

Entry Ticket Weekly Secondary

Entry Ticket Weekly Secondary - Google DocThis entry ticket can be passed out on a weekly basis. Post an entry question or problem each day and have students write their response in that day’s box.

Entry Ticket by Lesson Elementary

Entry Ticket by Lesson Elementary - Google DocFor elementary students, make an entry ticket for a day’s worth of lessons using this template.

Entry Ticket Block Scheduling Secondary

Entry Ticket Block Scheduling Secondary - Google DocFor block scheduling, pass out this entry ticket that students can turn in every two weeks. Have students fill in the date at the top of each box before writing their response.

Entry Ticket Spanish

Entry Ticket Spanish - Google Doc

Entry Ticket Weekly Spanish

Entry Ticket Weekly Spanish - Google Doc

Entry Ticket by Lesson Spanish

Entry Ticket by Lesson Spanish - Google Doc

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