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Entry Ticket

This technique (sometimes called Warm-Up, Do Now or Bell Ringer) gets students working as soon as they enter the classroom, increasing instruction time. Students are given Entry Tickets as they arrive at the door, follow the instructions, and complete the task immediately.  Entry Tickets are an effective strategy for monitoring student learning and introducing or reviewing instruction.

How to use

1. Set up

Familiarize students with their routine for entering the classroom. Be sure to place the Entry Ticket in the same position each day.

2. Create

Decide what you’d like the students to review or learn based on the current unit of instruction.  Write the question or statement on the Entry Ticket or post it for students to see.

3. Time

Set a specific amount of time for students to answer the Entry Ticket question.  Reconvene the class when time is up and discuss the answers.

When to use

Use an Entry Ticket at the beginning of class to:

  • Introduce a new unit by linking a major concept to students’ own lives
  • Bridge the transition from yesterday’s lesson to today’s lesson to check what students remember, what students can apply, or what questions emerged
  • Check for understanding of a homework assignment
  • Review key content, terms, concepts, or skills presented or practiced during the week


Entry Journal

Post a problem or question on the board, and have students write answers in a daily journal.

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