Student Response Cards

This strategy is meant to keep students actively engaged while you perform a quick and easy check for understanding. At any point in the lesson, you can pose a question to your students and rather than hearing from just one or two students, you get to see everyone’s answer.


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Student Response

Student Response - Google FormUse this template to create multiple choice cards. Add a blank red card and a blank green card students can use to indicate “yes” or “true” (green card) and “no” or “false” (red card). Depending on your content area, response cards can be created with for categories of information: for example, the parts of a cell in science; the different properties in math; verb endings in a language class; parts of government in social studies class. As new concepts are covered, students add cards to the rings or envelope in which they are housed. At the end of the unit or semester, cards can be used for a global review.

Teachers Shown

Karina Ferreira
High School French teacher.
Del Valle ISD, Texas
Arianna Dial
3rd grade Bilingual teacher.
Austin ISD, Texas