One Minute Sentence

This strategy encourages students to form a concise summary of what they just learned. Students are able to demonstrate their understanding of an idea or concept by writing only one sentence to capture the most important elements. This strategy allows students to practice their writing skills and gives teachers a way to check students’ understanding.


Download Templates

One Minute Sentence Elementary

One Minute Sentence Elementary - Google Doc

One Minute Sentence Secondary

One Minute Sentence Secondary - Google DocStudents can use this template to record ideas throughout the lesson, and then compose a one sentence summary of the most important idea or concept at the end.

One Minute Sentence Spanish

One Minute Sentence Spanish - Google Doc

Teachers Shown

Emily Eckelcamp
7th and 8th grade Science teacher.
Manor ISD, Texas
Stefannie Cundiff
4th grade Bilingual teacher.
Austin ISD, Texas