Accountable Discussions

Accountable discussion empowers students to draw up arguments based on evidence. Students learn how to respect the views of their peers while strengthening their communication skills. They get practice in being good conversationalists, participating in conversations in a polite manner.


Download Templates

Accountable Cards Elementary Template

Accountable Cards Elementary - Google DocMake sentence stem cards to help students practice accountable discussions. You can assign each student a card to use.

Accountable Sentence Stems Elementary Template

Accountable Sentence Stems Elementary - Google DocGive students this list of sentence stems they can use in discussions. For a more structured approach, allow students to prepare responses they can use.

Accountable Cards Secondary Template

Accountable Cards Secondary - Google DocCreate sentence stem cards for students to practice their discussion skills. You can assign each student a card to use.

Accountable Sentence Stems Secondary Template

Accountable Sentence Stems Secondary - Google DocProvide this list of sentence stems for students to use in accountable discussions. For a more structured approach, give students time to prepare their responses.

Accountable Cards Spanish Template

Accountable Cards Spanish - Google Doc

Accountable Sentence Stems Spanish Template

Accountable Sentence Stems Spanish - Google Doc

Teachers Shown

Francesca Forno
3rd grade Bilingual teacher.
Austin ISD, Texas