Whip Around

This strategy actively engages students and encourages participation by all. Students write down responses to a question or prompt given to them by the teacher and quickly share their responses with the class. Students have to pay attention and listen closely to their classmates’ responses to compare them to their own.


Download Templates

Whip Around Elementary

Whip Around Elementary - Google Doc

Whip Around Secondary

Use this template for Grades 2-5 so that students can write down multiple responses to a question or prompt before beginning the Whip-Around. Grade 1 teachers could attempt this template, but with fewer responses requested for each question. PK-K teachers could do this strategy orally, allowing for extra think-time.

Whip Around Spanish

Whip Around Spanish - Google Doc

Teachers Shown

Rekha Shirtekar
5th grade Elementary teacher.
Round Rock ISD, Texas