The name of this strategy comes from the term tableau vivant which means “living picture.”  In this activity, students create a still picture, without talking, to capture and communicate the meaning of a concept. Students must truly understand the meaning of a concept or idea in order to communicate it using physical poses, gestures, and facial expressions rather than words. This collaborative strategy is appealing to kinesthetic learners and allows all students to be creative while strengthening their comprehension of a concept.


Download Templates

Tableau Elementary

Tableau Elementary - Google DocFor elementary, this template should only be used in Intermediate Grades 3-5. However, the Tableau Strategy is appropriate for all grade levels.

Tableau Secondary

Tableau Secondary - Google DocHave students use this template to brainstorm and plan their tableau.

Tableau Spanish

Tableau Spanish - Google Doc

Teachers Shown

Stefannie Cundiff
4th grade Bilingual teacher.
Austin ISD, Texas
Pamela Harvey
High School English Language Arts teacher.
Pflugerville ISD, Texas