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My Other Half

If you’re looking for a creative way to partner students, My Other Half makes it easy and fun.

How to use

1. Plan

Choose a variety of pairs. You can use simple items that your students will relate to, like “Romeo” and “Juliet;” vocabulary words and their definitions; photos or images that match; or anything that fits the content you are teaching.

2. Create

Create cards with one term on each card, and create enough so that each student in your class has a card. 

3. Mix

Shuffle the cards and pass them out. 

4. Pair Up

Students should walk around the class until they find the card that matches theirs.

5. Work Together

Now students are paired! Have them work together to complete a task or assignment.

When to use

Any time you want to pair students up, reshuffle your cards and pass them out. You might want to keep one “trio” in your deck of cards (examples: Larry/Curly/Moe or Baby Bear/Mama Bear/Papa Bear or Bacon/Lettuce/Tomato or Alvin/Theodore/Simon) for when you have an odd number of students in the class.

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