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Study Cards

Study Cards are created by students to synthesize information learned in a lesson. After creating them, students can use them to quiz a classmate or review for an assessment. As a teacher, you can collect and review the Study Cards to assess a student’s understanding of a concept.

How to use

1. Create

Have students create Study Cards using 4 x 6 index cards. Be sure they include important ideas, vocabulary, facts, and concepts from the material covered in the unit.

2. Collect

Collect the Study Cards so that you can assess the students’ understanding and, if needed, re-teach material before the test or quiz.

3. Give Back

It is essential to give the Study Cards back to the students so they may be used to study for the test or quiz.

When to use

Use Study Cards to summarize and review information:

  • During Guided Practice of a lesson where students work in pairs to create the study cards
  • During the Independent Practice of a lesson so that students can decide for themselves what information is really important
  • As a closing activity so that students can review what was learned in the lesson
  • As an entrance or exit ticket
  • To evaluate student’s ability to discern the main idea or summarize a concept learned in class

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