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Quiz, Quiz, Trade

This cooperative-learning technique has students review information with other students by asking and answering questions. Working with peers in a nonthreatening manner builds confidence, encourages greater participation, and results in more thoughtful discussions.

How to use

1. Create Questions

Provide each student with a flash cards about the current unit of study. One side of the card has a question or vocabulary term and the other side provides the answer or definition.

2. Pair Up

Use the stand up/hands up/pair up method for students to find a partner.  Partner A holds up the flash card to show Partner B the question.  Partner B answers. Partner A praises if correct or coaches if incorrect.  They switch roles and Partner B asks Partner A the next question.

3. Hands Up

After thanking each other and switching cards, Partners A and B raise their hands to find a new partner and repeat the process for an allotted amount of time. 

*For elementary or intermediate students, the teacher can monitor the time for each interaction. For example, music can be played and stopped, at which time each student has to put their hand up and find a partner. They can be given only a minute (or more, depending on the group and the difficulty of the content) to answer and discuss the questions. They trade flash cards. Then, the music comes back on and when it goes off, students must find a new partner and repeat the same process.

When to use

Use Quiz, Quiz, Trade at any point in the lesson to structure meaningful conversation.

  • Before introducing new material to tap into prior knowledge
  • After a unit to review terms
  • At the beginning of the school year as a way to review students' knowledge of  class rules and procedures
  • After a math unit to review shapes or problems
  • Before students begin an assignment, such as an essay, a set of word problems or a science activity/experiment, to gather ideas or formalize procedures
  • To remediate weak skills
  • To practice newly learned skills


Student-Created Quiz, Quiz, Trade

Have students create their own flashcards with questions and answers.  You might want to review the cards before allowing students to play so you can be sure that the students’ answers are accurate.

QQT/IOC (Quiz Quiz Trade/Inside Outside Circles)

To add structure to the process of finding a partner, divide the class into two equal groups.  Have one group make a circle and face out.  Have the other group make a circle around the first group and face in.  Students in both circles should stand face-to-face with the person across from them.  This person is their partner for the first round of Quiz Quiz Trade.  Partners ask and answer questions according to QQT procedure.  The teacher then gives a signal and students should move one step to their right.  The person they are now facing is their new partner.  Continue for several rounds.  

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