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One Minute Note

This note-taking technique gives students the opportunity to write down the key points that they remember after five to ten minutes of input from an oral or written source. Asking students to write down the information that they learned not only solidifies new content, it also provides real-time feedback on students’ comprehension.

How to use

1. Ask

After five to ten minutes (depending on the students’ age or attention spans) of listening, watching, or reading new input, ask students the following: "What are the most important points you have learned in the last ___ minutes?"

2. Write

Set a timer for one minute as students write down their notes or draw a picture on index cards, scratch paper, or in notebooks.

3. Share

Elicit responses from the students. Correct any misunderstandings or confusions.

When to use

Use One Minute Notes throughout the input portion of a lesson to check for understanding


Chain Notes

Ask students to write one thing they’ve learned on a piece of paper, then pass their paper to someone else. The next person adds to that information or writes down an additional piece of information. Students continue passing around the “notes” for as many 1-minute rounds as the teacher calls. 

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