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Nothing Ventured

This interactive review game awards points for correctly answered questions. The questions are created by the teacher and can be adjusted to fit any class or subject. By turning the review into a competition, students are engaged and interested in participating.

How to use

1. Prepare

Prepare up to 10 questions for students to use in the game.

2. Roll

Pairs of students each need a six-sided die and a “Nothing Ventured” game sheet (see template, below). Students roll the die before answering each question, recording the number rolled in the “Die Roll” column of the worksheet.

3. Question and Record

Ask or display the first question you’ve prepared. Students record their answer to the question in the “Answer” column of the worksheet.

4. Reveal

Reveal the correct answer to the first question. Students check their recorded answer and determine whether they were correct or incorrect. They will record this by writing “C” or “I” in the “Correct or Incorrect” column of the worksheet.

5. Score

If their answer was correct, students receive positive points. If they are incorrect, they lose points. The number of points received or lost is the number they rolled on the die for that particular question. For example, if they rolled a 6 and got the question right, they record “+6” in the “Points Scored” column.

6. Play Again

The roll-record-reveal-score process is repeated for each question.

7. Total

Students keep a running tally of their points in the “Total” column. The pair with the most points after all the questions have been asked wins the game.

When to use

Use Nothing Ventured:

  • To review previously taught concepts before starting a new unit
  • During the Guided Practice section of a lesson where students are working in pairs to process new information
  • As a closing activity to review material from the day
  • To review and study for an upcoming test or assessment


This game can easily be adjusted to be played in groups or individually, rather than pairs. Also, you can adjust the template to have as many or as few questions as you’d like.

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