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Cell Phone Parking Lot

Teachers can use a cell phone parking lot to manage student cell phone use during a class period. Implementing this tool allows teachers to interact with students about their cell phones in a proactive and non-confrontational way.  

How to use

1. Create

Make an area in your classroom where students can store and/or charge their cell phone.  An idea would be to use a hanging shoe storage bag with individual pockets for each cell phone.

2. Label

Put a large number or picture on each pocket so that students can easily identify where they have stored their phones   Option:  Provide one or two power strips where students can plug in their phone in the “parking lot” for charging. 

3. Teach Procedure

Teach students your class cell phone procedure. 
    Sample cell phone procedure:

  • When entering the classroom you may keep your phone out of sight in your purse or pocket. Or, you may store or charge your phone in the cell phone parking lot. 
  • If you choose to use the cell phone parking lot for storage, place your phone in one of the numbered pockets. Remember the number where your phone is “parked” or write it down in your notebook.
  • If you choose to use the cell phone parking lot for charging, use your own charging cord. Plug your phone in to one of the power strips and then place your phone (still connected) into one of the lower pockets in the cell phone parking lot.
  • The cell phone parking lot is only accessible before and after class. If you plan to store or charge your phone, you may not go and get it during class time.
  • If your phone is not in the cell phone parking lot and is causing a distraction from work in class, you will be directed to “park” your phone and you may pick it up after class.
  • Students who do not comply or have repeated requests to park their phones will have their phones “towed.”  A “towed” phone will be stored in the teacher’s desk and will not be returned until parents have been contacted.
4. Monitor

Monitor student phone use during class. When students are improperly using their cell phones, direct them to park their phones in the cell phone parking lot.  

5. Praise

Encourage proper use of cell phones by regularly thanking students for remembering to use the cell phone parking lot.

When to use

When targeting a desired behavior, procedures should be established and clearly taught to increase likelihood that behavior will be repeated. For best results, procedures should be clearly taught to all students at the beginning of the school year and reinforced after any breaks of more than two days.
Make sure that all students understand the procedure and the reasoning behind it so that you can
     • increase a desired behavior.
     • acknowledge a desired behavior.
     • proactively prevent an unwanted behavior.
     • create an atmosphere of rapport and respect within your classroom.


Use an old cassette tape holder or media drawer as alternative to a hanging bag for your cell phone parking lot.  See template section for photo examples.

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