Inside/Outside Circles

This discussion technique gives students the opportunity to respond to questions and/or discuss information with a variety of peers in a structured manner. Students form two concentric circles and exchange information with a partner until the teacher signals the outer circle to move in one direction, giving each student a new peer to talk to.


Download Templates

Inside/Outside Circle Elementary

For elementary, this template should only be used in Grades 1-5. PK-K should provide oral responses only, which do not require the use of this template.

Inside/Outside Circle Secondary

For a more structured approach to Inside/Outside Circle, assign question cards like these to each student. Have the students ask their partners the question on their cards.  As an option, have the students swap cards before rotating. For elementary, answers can either be left off of the cards, or they can be printed on the back.

Inside/Outside Circle Spanish

Teachers Shown

Karina Ferreira
High School French teacher.
Del Valle ISD, Texas
Rekha Shirtekar
5th grade Elementary teacher.
Round Rock ISD, Texas