Guided Notes

Guided Notes are teacher-prepared handouts that outline lectures, audiovisual presentations, or readings, but leave blank space for students to fill in key concepts, facts, definitions, etc.  Guided Notes promote active engagement during lecture or independent reading, provide full and accurate notes for use as a study guide, and help students to identify the most important information covered.


Download Templates

Guided Notes Elementary

Guided Notes Elementary - Google DocFor elementary, this template should only be used in Intermediate Grades 3-5.

Guided Notes Secondary

Guided Notes Secondary - Google DocFor a structured approach to Guided Notes, use a direction sheet like this one to help students organize their thoughts and information. Be sure to fill in the main ideas and supporting details, while leaving some details blank.  Instruct students to write in the missing facts or fill in the blanks.

Guided Notes Spanish

Guided Notes Spanish - Google Doc

Teachers Shown

Marco Villegas
5th grade Bilingual teacher.
Austin ISD, Texas