Frayer Model

The Frayer Model is a graphic organizer for building student vocabulary. This technique requires students to define target vocabulary and apply their knowledge by generating examples and non-examples, giving characteristics, and/or drawing a picture to illustrate the meaning of the word. This information is placed on a chart that is divided into four sections to provide a visual representation for students.  


Download Templates

Frayer Model Examples

Frayer Model Examples - Google Doc

Frayer Model Landscape View

Frayer Model Landscape View - Google Doc

Frayer Model Portrait View

Frayer Model Portrait View - Google Doc

Frayer Model- 4 per page Folded Frayer Model

Folder Frayer Model - Google Doc

Teachers Shown

Demery Bader-Saye
3rd grade Elementary teacher.
NYOS Charter School, Texas
Emily Eckelcamp
7th and 8th grade Science teacher.
Manor ISD, Texas
Hannah Davis
High School Math teacher.
Pflugerville ISD, Texas