Four Corners

This technique stimulates student learning through movement and discussion, and it can also be used as a formative assessment. Students are presented with a controversial statement or are asked a question. In each of the four corners of the classroom, an opinion or response is posted. Students express their opinion or response by standing in front of one of four statements, and then talking to others about why they have chosen their corner. Four Corners promotes listening, verbal communication, critical thinking, and decision-making.


Download Templates

Four Corners Elementary

Four Corners Elementary - Google Doc*For elementary, this template should only be used in Intermediate Grades 3-5. Primary Grades PK-2 should provide oral responses, rather than written, and fewer in quantity.

Four Corners Secondary

Four Corners Secondary - Google DocFor a more structured approach to Four Corners, use a direction sheet like this one to help students organize their thoughts and their time working as a group. Have the students write in the question or problem you want them to think about at the top of the page.

Four Corners Spanish

Four Corners Spanish - Google Doc

Teachers Shown

Erin Harton
7th and 8th grade English Language Arts teacher.
Pflugerville ISD, Texas
Michael Rowland
3rd grade Bilingual teacher.
Austin ISD, Texas
Juan Ramirez
3rd grade Bilingual teacher.
Austin ISD, Texas