Exit Ticket

Use this technique to show you what students are thinking and what they have learned at the end of a lesson. Before students leave (for recess, lunch, the end of the day,  their next class, or are transitioning to another subject area), they have to hand you a “ticket” filled out with an answer to a question, a solution to a problem, or a response to what they’ve learned. Exit Tickets help you assess if students have “caught what you taught” and plan for the next lesson or unit of instruction.


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Exit Ticket

Exit Ticket - Google DocExit Ticket - Editable Google FormHere is a “formal” exit ticket you can use, but any blank card or piece of paper will work for an exit ticket.


*Appropriate for all grade levels. For primary grades, use pictures and/or manipulatives. Instructions might be oral rather than written. See Variations for Verbal Exit Ticket.

Exit Ticket Spanish

Exit Ticket Spanish - Google Doc

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Abby Randall
High School Science teacher.
Austin ISD, Texas
Amy Schell
Pre-K grade Special Education teacher.
Austin ISD, Texas
Adriana Romero
4th grade Bilingual teacher.
Austin ISD, Texas