This summarizing technique is a quick and useful tool to assess students’ background knowledge or their level of understanding.  Asking students to determine the most important concepts, facts and points is a valuable skill.  Intermediate students can use their responses as a note taking device and the teacher can quickly check for understanding. 


Download Templates

5-3-1 Elementary

5-3-1 Elementary - Google Doc

5-3-1 Secondary

5-3-1 Secondary - Google Doc

5-3-1 Spanish

5-3-1 Spanish - Google DocFor a more structured approach to 5-3-1, use a direction sheet like this one to help students organize their thoughts and their time working as a pair and group. Have the students write in the question or problem you want them to think about at the top of the page

Teachers Shown

Wendy Carillo
4th grade Bilingual teacher.
Austin ISD, Texas
Alisha Darby
High School Career and Technology Education teacher.
Austin ISD, Texas