$10,000 Pyramid

This educational game is a way for students to review key words or concepts from a unit and make connections between them. Students deepen their comprehension by describing concepts in as much detail as possible to another classmate. By making this learning strategy into a game, students are excited and engaged.


Download Templates

$10,000 Pyramid Elementary

$10,000 Pyramid Elementary - Google Doc

$10,000 Pyramid Secondary

$10,000 Pyramid Secondary - Google Doc

$10,000 Pyramid Spanish

$10,000 Pyramid Spanish - Google Doc

To structure the game further and give students a chance to prepare before playing the game, give clue-giving partners a copy of the pyramid they will be responsible for describing. The template provides a place where clue-givers can write down key terms they will use to describe the words in their pyramid.

Teachers Shown

Christine de la Torre
High School Science teacher.
Austin ISD, Texas